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Our balm is a unique hybrid between a balm and a butter. Our recipe has been intentionally formulated so that our balm can have a smooth, pleasant texture that is easy to use. It also doesn't leave a gross, greasy residue in your beard after application.

Our beard oil is a medium consistency, allowing it to absorb easily into your beard without leaving extra residue.

We recommend applying 5-7 drops (amount will vary), directly onto your face wear needed, and gently massage the oil into your skin.

You can also work it into the beard and mustache itself to help with softness.

A beard brush has multiple purposes. First, it serves to evenly distribute the product. Personally, I like to run my brush through after I've applied my balm or butter.

Second, it can stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles. This helps keep the beard healthy and to stimulate growth.

Third, and most simply, it keeps the beard managed and looking presentable, much the same with brushing ones head hair.

Simply scoop a dollop out with your finger, rub between your hands, and then work into your beard. Amount can vary based on size of ones beard. We recommend roughly a nickel size for medium beards. Adjust accordingly based on desired results.

Yes! This is a commitment that we've had since the beginning. For our scent profiles we use only essential oils; NO FRAGRANCE!

Our wash contains ZERO sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a harsh chemical used to make soap more sudsy. This chemical has been known to be connected with eyesight issues, among other health problems.

Also, zero artificial preservatives.

Everything is used in our products are intentionally chosen to give life back to your beard, not take from it, or your overall health system.

Our beard wash is unlike any other. Simply wash in the shower, just like you'd wash your hair. Squirt the desired amount into your hand, and then work through your beard. Let the activated charcoal cleanse dirt and and grime out of your skin and beard and the aloe and other ingredients restore and revive your beard!

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