Forged Beards - Be Set Apart

Forged Beards - Be Set Apart

Just as every man is unique, every beard is unique. Thus, every bearded man is unique in his own way, which he should absolutely take pride in! Our beards provide us not only a unique sense of masculinity, but even creativity! Many beards grow differently, which allows men to sport a beards that is unlike any others. Some trim short on the sides and rock a long goatee. Some like to square it up, some like it round, some bring it to a point!

Another thing that beards can offer is confidence; confidence in simply being a man in our day to day with looking, feeling, and smelling our best. Standing out as a bearded man is certainly something to take pride in, but even more so, standing out as an exceptionally bearded man is far greater. 

Sadly, not all beard care companies can offer such a service. Many times you're paying for products that contain harmful, artificial ingredients. Sometimes companies can entice you to pay for expensive gimmicks. All the while, your sucked in and still left with dry, itchy beards, irritated skin, rashes, headaches, & beardruff on your nice black shirts (we all love rockin' black shirts now and again). 

This is where Forged products get to be the knight in shining armor. We've put in the hard work; hand-crafting top quality products from ingredients that will only benefit you, your beard, and your skin - if your skin is dead and unhealthy your beard will not want to grow well! Our recipes are such that will provide an exceptional feel to your beard while granting you a beard grooming experience that is worth your time and attention. 

The scents produced at Forged are not your boring, run of the mill scents that have been done over and over again. Instead, I, Jeremy (Founder/Owner), have hand-crafted each scent myself from essential oils (which also provide added benefits!) The vast majority of companies use 'fragrance' to get their scent profiles, which is the root cause of MOST of your beard care anguish! 'Fragrance' is made up of countless plastics and chemicals made in labs. This is why you get headaches, rashes, dry beard, etc. Often times it will also mess with your hormones. Don't be fooled by the word 'fragrance' on the ingredient list. Rather, you should run from it! 

I say all that to say this; I founded this company because beards are important and you should be able to sport the best beard that allows you to have confidence in who you are - a bearded man! Forged Beard Co. products are carefully hand made with you and your beards' best interests in mind. We've put in the hard work, Forged through the problems that cause you and your beard so much grief and have Forged exceptional products so that you can turn heads and start conversations with your beard and not have to worry about terribly annoying side affects that putting artificial ingredients and unnecessary chemicals will cause you!

Simply put, we forge beards for the fiercest of men! We value hard work, attention to detail, honor, and integrity! Do you want to have a basic, sub-par beard? Or, do you want to have a Forged Beard? Know the difference! Once you do, there's no going back.

In all you do, Forge excellence!

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