About Us

Who we are and why we exist!

My name is Jeremy and I own Forged Beard Co. We're a small, family run business based out of Arizona. I started this Brand because I truly love beards and the uniqueness they bring men. I love encouraging men to be proud of the beard they have and to take care of it, steward it well, and own it! I wanted to craft exceptional products that were wholistic in the sense of having absolutely zero artificial ingredients.

Thus, we exist to bring real, authentic beard care products to real, authentic men who genuinely care about what they put in their beards. Our desire is to forge you a strong, healthy, authentic beard by bringing you hand-crafted, 100% all-natural products, that have been developed with care and intentionality.

We use pure essential oils, some of which contain their own wonderful benefits for the skin and hair. They also offer authentic scent profiles that don't have that cologne-y, artificial type smell. If you're into the more pungent, cologne type scents, Forged might not be for you, and that's okay!

Not only do our customers love our scent profiles, but our products have relieved common beard pains, such as flakes, itchiness, dry, brittle beards, for countless beardsmen, and have allowed so many to get back to truly enjoying being a bearded man, and this brings me incredible joy and pride. (Guess what, their wives love them as well!)

We love beards, and we love serving the humble, hard working and authentic man who appreciates all natural ingredients and scent profiles that reflect the great outdoors and all the wonderful, natural beauty this world as to offer.

If you're new here, it would be a true honor to have you join our community and to forge your beard into something truly excellent!