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Whipped Beard Butter

Forge the beard
You've always wanted!

Cedar | Lavender | Bergamot

Our newest collection, forged for the hard working man and the rest he deserves after a hard days work!

Not sure where to start?
We've got you covered!

A great introduction to what Forged is all about! Try either our beard oil sampler or an oil/butter combo! Essentials for nourishing and hydrating your skin & your man mane!

Forge the Beard You've Always wanted
Why we exist!

We exist to celebrate our love of beards and American values! If you're a bearded, American patriot who loves freedom and natural products that offer relief from itchy beard, dandruff, and a brand that truly cares about you, then join our growing community!

Forged Scent Policy

We understand that purchasing a new scented item over the internet can be difficult. We try our absolute best to write descriptions that will accurately depict the experience you will have, however, we realize that some scents just don't work out, and honestly, not all noses are created equal. We're not offended. However, we DO want you to not only fall in love with the quality of our products, but also our various scents and excellent customer service! Which is why if you purchase a sent that is NEW to YOU and are not in love with it, please let us know and we'll get you something you DO love!