Whipped Beard Butter

Whipped Beard Butter

Luxuriously Smooth Whipped Beard Butter

I wanted to take a moment to talk about our newest product in the lineup - whipped beard butter! This is a product that we worked long and hard on during the development stage. For us here at Forged, crafting a superior and premium product is crucial and every stage of the process counts.

We wanted a butter that did it all! Felt amazing during the scoop, melted in your hands, smooth application, no extra residue, phenomenal, life giving conditioning effect, light to medium hold, and incredibly unique and all natural scent profiles. And well, we NAILED IT!

Our butter stands apart from many other brands in so many ways, but first and foremost because it is WHIPPED! This immediately effects the texture of the butter. Ours is smooth, luxurious, and overall just a magnificent experience; unlike the other guys', who's often times is harder, bordering a balm texture.

Our whipped beard butter melts wonderfully in your hand, which also lends to the amazing grooming experience. A quick word on that however, the butter is affected, much like anything else, to the ambient temperature of your surroundings. If you're in a particularly cold climate, or, if it's even just a colder morning than usual, the butter may take a tad longer to melt in your hand. But rest assured, the end result is the same!

As with everything that Forged stands for, our whipped beard butter is 100% all-natural! We crafted this butter with complete intentionality, with the desire to bring life and glory to your beard! 

Base ingredients (Clean Kill) include: shea butter, mango butter, kokum butter, jojoba oil, & arrowroot powder. Each of these butters have unique properties that we wanted in our butter to accomplish the task at hand - Forging a strong and healthy beard! The arrowroot powder was added to help with absorption and aiding in not leaving extra residue, as well as playing its part in the smooth look and feel.

Overall, this beard butter is an absolutely glorious life-giving beard grooming experience that will satisfy your beards needs. If you're worried about taming effect, have no fear! This butter has a light to medium taming effect, allowing you to keep those pesky fly aways and wild hairs under control all while battling dry, coarse, & brittle beard hair. 

To take a look at what scent options are available and to order a jar or two for yourself, you can shop whipped beard butter here!

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