Our Natural Beard Oil Ingredients

Our Natural Beard Oil Ingredients

Beard oil is your fundamental beard care product. It serves a variety of purposes, and having a premium blend on hand is important. Let's walk through:

  1. What is beard oil?
  2. What does it do and how to use it?
  3. Our ingredients and why we chose them.


Beard oil, on a grassroots level, is a combination of various carrier oils and scent. Now, sometimes companies may choose to add vitamin E, which is fine, but not completely necessary, as many carrier oils are packed with vitamin E. They may choose to add it as an antioxidant, which again, is totally fine.

In regards to scent, you have three options.

Fragrance, which is synthetically made in a lab to recreate a particular smell. On your ingredient list it could say 'fragrance' or 'parfum.' A large majority of fragrances contain many harmful chemicals, though there are some that may not necessarily have as many. Fragrance will offer the most cologne-like scent that is more pungent and longer lasting.

Essential oils - these are your most natural option for scent, as they are derived straight from the source and extracted in a variety of methods. Many of these oils even have specific benefits themselves. Essential oils will offer a more genuine and authentic scent profile. This is the chosen method for Forged Beard Co.

Then, you have some who may choose to use a combination of essential oils and fragrance.

Carrier oils, which make up the bulk of your beard oil blend, also have many amazing benefits of their own. Some of which include anti-inflammatory agents, moisturizing properties, some that don't clog pores as much as others, some absorb faster than others - the list goes on. 


Simply put, beard oil moisturizes the skin beneath your beard. You see, your face does not produce the amount of sebum (your body's natural oils) that your scalp does. This is why after a length of time of not washing your head hair, it tends to get oily and greasy. Not a pleasant experience. 

However, the opposite can be said for your beard. It will instead, get dry, brittle, even itchy and flaky - we call that 'beardruff' in the beard world. So, beard oil, in short, serves to basically replace the natural oils your face isn't producing. What this ends up doing is relieving dry, itchiness, and beardruff. It will also soften, relax, and strengthen beard hair. 

Beard oil, as you may have caught on by now, is an absolutely fantastic weapon in forging a strong and healthy beard. But how do you use it? Much like everything in the beard world, everyone has their own way of doing things. In this blog, I'll share with you what I feel seems to have worked the best, that is after years of going through various avenues of application.

I like to apply my beard oil first, before my butter (which will be covered in a different blog). I've found it best to apply to a damp beard, not dripping wet. My beard has a little length to it, so I'll rub the oil between my palms and come up from underneath and massage the oil into the skin beneath my beard and whatever is left over, I just rub on the outside of my beard.

Applying beard oil to a damp beard allows the oil to lock into the base of the hair follicles, thus giving you optimum moisturization and nourishment. After this, I'll run my sandalwood comb through my beard. Due to the wonder working power of our natural beard oil, you'll gladly notice your comb will glide smoothly through your tangle free beard with ease.


Jojoba Oil - An amazing carrier oil that continues to grow in popularity. It comes from the seed of the simmondsia chinensis plant. It's characteristics have deemed it an oil that is 'most like human skin,' which is likely a large reason for its growing popularity. It helps with problems such as acne, chapped lips, psoriasis, and other skin problems. It's rich in many vitamins and great for acne-prone skin. It's an amazing moisturizer and is wonderful at strengthening hair.

Argan Oil - This oil comes from the kernel of the argan tree, native to Morocco and Algeria. It is such a powerful piece of nature that contains vitamin E and antioxidants. The vitamin E and hydrating fatty acids like linoleic and oleic acids offer incredible moisturization to the hair and skin. In addition to these benefits, it can also minimize frizz!

Grapeseed Oil - Another fantastic oil that comes from, you guessed it, grape seeds! The benefits are ten fold. It too, minimizes frizz, locks in moisture and increases shine and vibrancy to hair. It combats dandruff, increases blood circulation (which is great for hair growth), and strengthens the roots of hair. It also has great fatty acids, and is great at repairing skin and balancing sebum levels.


As you can see, a premium, natural beard oil is an absolute must have in every beardsman's beard care arsenal. At Forged Beard Co., we wanted to be intentional about the selection of our carrier oils, desiring only the best benefits for your beard and the skin beneath it! And, as mentioned, we only use essential oils for scent profiles, no synthetic fragrance. We simply believe this is the best route to take to offer a more elevated product. 

I hope this blog was a blessing to you! You can head HERE to order your Forged beard oil to take your beard game to the next level! 

Until next time, stay free, stay bearded, and in all you do, Forge excellence! ~ Jeremy

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