Beard oil vs. Beard Balm

beard oil vs. beard balm

Are you struggling to determine the difference between beard oil vs. beard balm? Don't worry, so are hundreds, if not thousands of others out there, as it is a common question that we get asked a lot. It's something that may even be holding you back from fulfilling that ultimate strong and healthy beard that you've been longing for. There's a handful of various beard care products that can seriously level up your beard game, and knowing the difference between beard oil vs. beard balm is certainly a great place to start. This blog will offer a brief overview of the two products, how they differ, and which one might be best for you, if not both. So let's dive in!

Beard Oil

Beard oil has a couple different uses that can benefit your beard. First and foremost, beard oil is actually for the skin beneath your beard. Don't let that confuse you. It's certainly beneficial to the beard itself, which we'll get into here shortly. But yes, beard oil is mainly for the skin! Applying a few drops of beard oil (and I mean 'a few' - we recommend 5-7) to the skin will help keep the skin moisturized and help combat dry skin and dandruff. 'Beardruff' as we like to call it, is one of the most notorious pains and inconveniences that beardsmen face. What it is is essentially dry skin under the beard that flakes off. Keeping the skin healthy and moisturized will help that!

Secondly, beard oil can bring moisture, strength, and restoration to the beard itself! Different ingredients like Jojoba oil, for example, will strengthen the hair follicle, as well as soften hair, reduce dry, brittleness, and can even offer some light taming to unruly beards and mustaches. Argan oil as well, is packed with vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants, all of which make a fantastic tool for keeping your beard healthy, strong, and even growing!

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Beard Balm

Beard balm is another handy product that has wonderful benefits. What it's mainly used for is taming, styling, and shaping your beard. Plain and simple. That's the rub. However, that's not all. Some beard balms also offer a light conditioning affect. For example, shea butter, a common ingredient used in beard balms, is a renowned moisturizer and can wonderfully help the hair follicles to stay hydrated and healthy. It's also packed with Vitamin E! 

Beard balm can sometimes give beardsmen a sour taste because most are notoriously hard, nasty, and leave a greasy residue. Ours, on the other hand, is not like this at all. It's more along the lines of a hybrid between a beard balm and a beard butter, which we'll cover in a different blog.

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To bring this all to a head, use beard oil to keep your skin moisturized as well as soften the beard and help with strengthening and growth. Use beard balm to tame and offer hydration to your beard.

I truly hope this helps you along your beard journey. Please remember, this is meant to be a brief overview, not an exhaustive explanation of the two products or their differences. Please stay tuned for more informative blogs. If this encouraged or helped you, please share this with your friends and drop a comment, and remember, in all you do, Forge excellence! 

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