Unwind - Cedar & Lavender Oil & Butter

Unwind - Cedar & Lavender Oil & Butter

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Wash - Wash in the shower with our charcoal activated wash to cleanse, restore, and condition the beard as well as protecting the skin!

Oil - Apply a few drops of oil to and massage to the skin to help combat dry, itchy beard.

Balm/Butter - Apply a dollop of balm and or butter to condition your beard during the day and offer a light to medium taming affect.

Forged Beard Co. exists to bring premium, 100% all-natural beard care to freedom loving men so that you can look, feel, and smell your bearded best!

We know that personal taste can vary as well as sense of smell. If you order a scent for the first time that you are not in love with, please reach out to support@forgedbeardco.com so we can help make it right.

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A blend that is intentionally geared towards the hard working man and the rest that he so deserves at the end of an honest days work. Kick the boots off, hug the family, and unwind with the calming woodiness of Texas cedarwood, soothing floral notes of lavender and relaxing bergamot. Grab both the oil and butter with this essential bundle!

"The scent is an excellent blend of woodsy, floral and with a nice citrus element. Each of these combine to form an excellent blend geared toward hard earned rest and relaxation at the end of the day. Will definitely help you get well rested."

"I'm not sure why, but it does put me in mind of evening, maybe under a starry sky."

"Soothing night time solution with the right amount of scent for bed time."

"Didn't think I would enjoy something with lavender that much but the blend is fantastic and the effects are undeniable!"